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Edible Chocolate-Dipped Waffle Coffee Cups

       Waffle cone is vey common for everyone in life. But the edible chocolate-dipped waffle coffee cups is a new trying for you. Crisp cone with chocolate and coffee, what a wonderful combination! Have you eat it before? Or do you want to try it?

       New Yorkers may have the Cronut, but Angelenos have the edible coffee cup. Alfred Coffee & Kitchen on Melrose Place in Los Angeles is selling a chocolate-dipped waffle cone coffee cup known as the Alfred Cone. Try saying all of that three times fast. It's a 4-ounce waffle cone drizzled with milk chocolate (only the rim), used as a cup for either an coffee or macchiato. The cones are cheaper with whatever drink you buy with it.

       "We recommend obtaining the macchiato in there because whenever the espresso melts the chocolate, it makes an infant mocha," said store manager Ashlee Lawson. Lawson said they started selling the Alfred Cones, that have been owner Josh Zad's idea, about a month ago on the cafe's secret menu. However if you simply pay attention close to the register, there's a picture posted of the cone. All that you should do to get your hands on you are ask. The cones are created by Naomi Kashi and her spouse and sister Dorit Simone of Zia Valentina at the Farmers Market. Zia Valentina serves some of its coffee drinks and granitas within the cones. Simone said the sisters make about 200 cones for Alfred Coffee & Kitchen per day
Lawson also added the store is planning new versions of the cone for Oct, Thanksgiving and Christmas, but she's not willing to release details at this time. She did, however, let us know that the second location of Alfred Coffee & Kitchen will open Nov. 1 on Melrose, just west of los angeles Cienega. So they a waffle sugar cone making producttion line to help them make more waffle cone to meet the demand.

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