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Ice Cream Cone Biscuit Making Machine

MOQ:1 /Sets



Supply Ability:200 Sets per Month Set/Sets Per Month


Warranty Time: 12 Months

Laoding Port:Qingdao Port

Country Of Origin:China

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ice cream cone biscuit making machine
Description of ice cream cone making machine:
This machine is suitable for tea restaurant equipment, cake room equipment, coffee shop equipment, bakery equipment, western food shop equipment, drinks shop equipment, Chinese food shop equipment, leisure food factory equipment.

Advantages of  ice cream cone biscuit msking machine:
1. The development of the company's cone machine designed with humanization, simple operation, this machine is divided into the upper die and mould halves, when using temperature control knob, temperature by first tone up, wait temperature rise, upper die up, lower die fold, pour material, then will the oars with lower die others in molding, about one or two minutes later, cone shaped, at this time will can pull up, upper die mould halves pulled open, cone will automatically fall into the following slide in and trickles out.
2. Stainless steel, easy operation, high efficiency. Low noise, high capacity with low power.
3. Easy to operate, easy for cleaning. We have many different molds for different size and shape cones, and you can replace the molds on the machine.
4. We also have many different capacity products, you can choose different baking numbers of the machine according to your need. We can produce the goods as your requirements. 

Product Details

Model GGW-12
Production Capacity 300-350pcs/h
Rated Output 7KW
Net Weight 180kgs
Main Power 220V/50HZ
Overall Dimension 1000*600*1200mm

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