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Way of low-fat waffles Making

With the improving of people ' s living standard, there is no doubt that people are paying more attention to food health. But snacks food features largely in the diet of people‘s daily life. So the low fat snacks coming into people's life. More and more green, healthy and low fat snacks produced by food manufacturers in the world. Many people think the wafer biscuit are high-calorie foods, but do you know it can also be made with low calorie? Next, I will introduce the way to make low calorei wafer biscuits.

Processing of making wafer bicsuit:
1.you can use a large bowl whisk together the flour, milk powder, baking powder, sugar and 
2.you can use a separate bowl beat together the egg and sugar for six minutes.
3.Then you can add into two cups of water and blend until them combined.
4.Next you should  add the egg mixture to the flour mixture, all at once, and stir just until combined. 
5.You can choose another easy methold to make the waffle if you feel trouble using the mixer.
6.It will be better making wafer with ice-cream as a dessert. Freeze wafer and ice cream. Once frozen them and keep them in a zip lock bag. In the next morning, you can get them out. 
7.Try not to go to work in the morning rush, prepare the ingredients the night before, mix the egg with a mixer advance into the furnish prior before next morning, because it can just use a few minutes for you to making breakfast, will not waste your time to work. 
9.This part is very import for you if you have kids. Because  kids need more calories for growing, so you should add more corn oil or melted butter into the wafer biscuit to meet your kids.

You will be find this way to making wafer biscuit is more controled, it can follow your actually need and very easy to making.

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