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full automatic wafer biscuit production line

The wafer biscuit production line is of similar products at home and abroad advanced structure developed on the basis of the design of a new generation of products, domestic exclusive development, it has successfully solved the wafer production cost is high, the biscuit surface color in production. This production line consists of material system, automatic feeding, tunnel oven, cooling machine, coating machine, slicing machine, etc, compact structure, good stability, the ideal wafer making machine has become the preferred equipment in the food industry.
Our company mainly produces wafer processing equipment and cone equipment, including wafer biscuit production line, ice cream cone production line, various ice cream cone machines. The products have been exported to more than 100 countries and high quality products have won high praise from users. We not only provide professional production equipment, but also set up a perfect after-sales service system, providing guidance to our customers to help with problems and difficulties in production.

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