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Basic Description of Wafer Biscuit Production Line

wafer biscuit
Recently what machines is sale hot, that i must tell you something about the wafer biscuit machines, wafer biscuit as a full name favorite food, especially hot in southeast Asia. So do you know how to make wafer biscuit?

Full-automatic wafer biscuit production line is a kind of small-scale production wafer biscuit production equipment, mainly for the production of various types of high-quality wafer biscuit, is my company produced for small businesses, this type of wafer line use the foreign advanced technology, continuous improvement and innovation, development, has been very mature and reliable, and the line performance is more stable, higher degree of automation, is a cost-effective production line. This production line is specifically designed for small businesses, initial investment of entrepreneurs, investors also may choose according to their own sales and production request, the device adopts the vertical cold machine, beautiful, cover an area of an area small; Simplified standard wafer production line of certain components, greatly reduce cost and risk of investment, is a economic wafer biscuit equipment.

Line standard configuration basically has: dough mixer, oven, splicing machine, vertical cooling machine, cream coating machine, conveyor, cut biscuit machine, cream mixer, grinder, etc.

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