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What Features of Wafer Cone Maker Machine?

wafer cone maker machine
Semi-automatic wafer cone maker machine can produce the top and bottom cones, can also be produce bowl shaped, according to your needs to develop different patterns and styles.

Wafer cone maker machine features:
The wafer cones use the machine to form, usually the finished product thickness is 1-2 mm, baking one or two minutes. Material was placed in the mould, pull the upper die, combined with the lower die, and bake for two minutes and a wafer cone is formed, this machine is easy to operate, high quality, high efficiency, easy to clean. Not only this kind of semi automatic wafer cone machine, we have newly developed automatic wafer cone equipment. This automatic wafer cone machine is suitable for middle and large capacity produce manufacturers, if you want to purchase, please contact with us and welcome to our company visit.

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