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What is Wafer Biscuit Screening Machine

         Actually, this machine is very easy to be ignored by people, because this set machine only for collecting wafer biscuits during the producing.  During the production process, if the wafer biscuit spreading machine and wafer sheet cooling machine has any one part of a temporary fault, this screening machine will pick up the wafer sheets once it receiving the instruction by PLC. It will automatically collected continuously discharged from the oven qualified pie slices, until the other machine troubleshooting is repaired, then put these wafer sheets into use. This design can avoid the damage to the product processing. So it is very practical, and the design is very reasonable. If you decide to buy a wafer production line, this screening machine is essential for you. Wafer biscuit screening machine is specially designed for wafer biscuit, which can reduce your cost in your business. Those unqualitied wafer sheets will be colledted to biscuit crush machine and process again , then be made as new wafer sheet. So this is the usage of wafer biscuit screeing machine in the wafer biscuit producing plant. Have you got it?

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