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Commercial Wafer Biscuit Production Line For Sale

Commercial wafer biscuit production line is a equipment that our company specializes in making wafer cakes. Integrated with foreign advanced technology, and innovative transformation, is a large-scale production, cost-effective production line. The production line is dedicated to the production of all kinds of high quality wafer, and the capacity is about 5.28 tons /24 hours. The machine is stable and reliable, the performance is stable, the automation degree is high, the Profibus.DP bus control technology is adopted, and it has many technology invention patents, and the machine is beautiful. Meanwhile, the machine improves the quality and taste of the product, which is a high yield wafer. This production line is suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises, has a mature sales channel network vendors, relevant industry experience and investors with relatively high market recognition, have high request for production of new developers, investors can choose according to the requirements of its own sales and production.   
wafer biscuit production line for sale                              

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