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Wafer Biscuit Production Plant to India

      It is understood that Indiansnack market is very large, because it has big population many and many Indian began to eat biscuits or waffles instead of breakfast. The world's leading market research recently release that 57 percent of Indians with snack instead of breakfast, 43% of people simply for lunch, dinner, snack all changed. Earlier this year, Nielsen Online for 30,000 consumers in 60 countries conducted a survey showed that 43% of Indian city people eat snack as a source of nutrients. When asked "In the past 30 days, which sancks you would like to eat  instead of breakfast,"  ans about 16% poeple chose chocolate, 15% people choose bread, waffles and biscuits, 15% choose vegetables, 14% selected fruits. From that we can know that Indian still prefer to eat wafer sancks. So this time, the customer is to seize the chance, and stsrt his wafer production line factories business to open their riches life.
    The customer from India find our web on gelgoog and, after knowing our products he think this is what he want, so he send us inquiry.  Then our sales contact him and confirm the details. After check the price the customer place the order,and the goods are just delivered. He is very satisfied with our machine.  And he said will send us pictures for the machine and the cone he make.
Wafer Biscuit Production Plant
Wafer Biscuit Production Plant

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