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51 Moulds Wafer Biscuit Production line in China

The 51 mould wafer biscuit making machine have 51 baking sheet in the baking oven. Every sheet wafer biscuit  size are similar to the baking sheet size. Oven baking pan is rotated counterclockwise, the wafer biscuit can be baked in the bottom of the oven baking, and then deliver to next step. This machine has more big capacity about 200kg per hour. If you have a big factory and plan to make more wafer biscuit in the future, you can choose this machine for youself. But everything you should make a detail consideration before buying a machine. Considering about which capacity is suitable for you, which heating way is suitable for you, and even whether you have enough money for this business. Only this, the sale man can give you more detail information and suggestions for you. So, if you still don't know nothing about this machine, maybe you can ask us or anyone online for want you want to know. Actually, China really is a good place for you to choose some foos making machine, they have more rich labers and strong competitiveness, the price will not so high for you. 

wafer biscuit making machine

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