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Wafer Biscuit Production Line Production Video

wafer biscuit production line for sale

The GG-51 wafer biscuit production line is a traditional product of our company. It is dedicated to the production of all kinds of high quality wafer, which can produce the wafer about 4.62 tons /24 hours. The wafer line into on the basis of foreign advanced technology, innovative improvements, after 7 years of development, has been very mature and reliable, and best-selling home and abroad, is a production line, production scale, high cost performance in recent years, through technical innovation constantly, the line performance is more stable, higher degree of automation. Which door type cooling is wafer cake production line machine, there are beautiful, increase the number of cooling fin, to facilitate staff etc, adopting vertical of air-conditioner and refrigeration system, can improve the temperature and humidity of wafer biscuit, improve the quality and taste, is a standard wafer equipment. This product line is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, independent sales channels and new developers who have certain requirements for production. Investors can also choose according to their own sales and production requirements.

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