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Features of Wafer Biscuit Production Line

wafer biscuit production line
Features of the wafer bisucit production line: 
1. Press rolling effect is good, to suppress the surface with a uniform thickness.
2. Control system is easy to operate, tablet thickness and the number of stacking can be adjusted by customers.
3. Forming machine is an important equipment of the wafer biscuit production line. It can be configured with two types of roll cutting and roll printing, and can also be combined and configured. This line can be configured into the stove, sesame, sugar spreader, advanced structure, roll forming is used to produce tough biscuits, roll forming used to produce crisp biscuits, forming machine, in the same production line can Production of various grades of multi-color biscuits, so that color, smell and taste in one, and the flexibility of the mechanism can be used for thick, thin adjustment, noise, high efficiency. 
4. Energy efficient: high thermal efficiency, energy-saving effect is good, more than 30%, and sanitary conditions, long service life.
5. The furnace design is unique, thermal insulation performance exceeds the national standards.
6. The use of automatic control oven temperature, power control without repeated power to achieve uniform heat radiation density to meet the needs of different biscuits ideal temperature, its high reliability, high precision, long life, easy to control, no noise.

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