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Do you know the cream wafer biscuits?

        Do you think it tastes better? Do you always have them as a dessert or snack? But how many do you know about its size and produce process?
When you in shop mall and see many different biscuits in the shelves,  so do you know what is the definition  of a wafer biscuit?
        Cream wafer biscuits generally comprise two or more layers of wafer biscuit sandwiched with layers of cream. The packing of these wafer biscuits is done using fully-automatic assembly lines to keep the delicious and delicate wafer biscuits intact. The biscuits are made from wheat flour, starch, vanaspati, sugar, salt, soda and preservatives. Flavours and colours are added depending on the variety produced.
       Cream wafer biscuits are of many sizes, varieties and flavours. Common flavours include mixed fruit, choco vanilla, pineapple, orange, mango, strawberry, etc. These treats are loved by people of all ages, across the world.
        Interestingly, India is almost the top five wafer biscuit manufacturers in the world. This kind of biscuit is mainly produced through  a whole wafer biscuit production line which always consist of 6-8 machines.Mainly are wafer biscuit baking oven, cream cooling machine,conveyor,waffl cutting machine,waffle cream spreading machine,wafer sheet screening machine and packing machine.You can choose them according to your needs or let our sales give you some professional advice. We are always try our best to provide you best service.

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