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Wafer Biscuit Making Machine Price in India

wafer biscuit making machine As we all know, India is the second most large populous country in the world. Due to its big population, it has hte big wafer biscuit markets than other countries.  Especially in recent years, India wafer biscuits manufacturing developing greatly, thus, it need importer large wafer biscuit euqipment for improve their wafer bisucit markets. Also the wafer biscuit packing process follow the markets requirements. 

What the factors may influence the price of wafer biscuit making machine

1. The final wafer biscuit shapes: Usually, more complicated shape will need more time to designed and test the machine. There are flat wafer biscuit, hollow wafer, ball wafer can be customized. 
2. The materials of the whole line: Actually, anyone food machine only designed with high quality materials, wil cost more than the common materials. There are mainly three types steel may follow the food demand, 304(18-8), 316(18-10), 430(18-0). The 304 stainless steel is the most common materials desgined the wafer biscuits. 
3. Heating ways difference: The gas heating way may more expensive than the electric heating way. There need system to control the gas burning safety, thus the technology requirements is very strict.
4. Wafer biscuit market: India is a very big market, it has a big space for developing food markets. Due to Indian technology is not very development, many businessmen may choose importer the wafer biscuit production line for their business. And China is their best choice to importer different types wafer biscuit production line. Chinese machine usually designed with high technology and low price, people can reduce many money for opening their business. 
5. Capacity of line: Large capacity has large wafer biscuit baking oven, the price may expensive than small capacity wafer biscuit. 


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