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Why So Many People Like to Eat Wafer Biscuit?

     Why people called these biscuits as wafer?  How did the name appeare? This name Originated in Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province in China. Also known as waffles,  cakes Aviv. Puffed food mainly made by cereals,  potatoes or beans as the raw material. It‘s a tape food of snacks that their volume can expands after baking, frying. Its species can be divided into four types: baking type, oil type,  direct extrusion type and color type snow rice cakes. For example: potato chips, shrimp, prawn crackers, popcorn,  rice crackers and so on.Thus,  the wafer biscuit is one of the puffed food.
    Why so many people like to eat wafer biscuit? The reason went without saying. Wafer biscuit tastes very crisp, and it made by many kinds of species. For example, soda bread, biscuits,  waffles, crackers,  pie vesicles,  compression pie,  chicken pie,  digestive biscuits,  egg yolk cakes,  raisin cake, children's molars cake, cake hypoglycemic,  burning rice cakes and so on. It made with small size packing and light heavyweight. That's also why it is very popular among different ages people. They can take wafer biscuits watch movies, visit old people and coax children happy. In a word,  wafer biscuit play an important role in people's life nowadays. If you want to make different wafer biscuits by yourself,  you can contact us. We will give you best service.

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