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Wafer Biscuit Cutting Machine Structure and Principle

Cutting the wafer sheet which has been spreaded wiht cream into finished product with specifications.

Structure of this wafer biscuit cutting machine: 
The wafer biscuit cutting machine is mainly composed of longitudinal push plate, longitudinal cutter, lateral push plate, horizontal cutter, transmission and other components. 
Working principle:
Longitudinal and transverse push the push plate by plate all controlled by guide rod mechanism which consist of eccentric wheel drive, transverse and longitudinal cutter discs are rotating cutter, vertical cutter directly driven by the main drive motor and reducer horizontal cutter by another a motor drive. During the operation, the longitudinal push plate wafer blanks advancing longitudinal cutter to cut wafer sheets into strips, then lateral push plate strip waffle sheets promote lateral cutter, and then cutting them into the different size you want. 
wafer biscuit cutting machine

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