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The History of the Belgian Waffle Biscuit

     Belgian waffles are bakery treats!
     The Belgian waffle does not refer to one specific waffle recipe. A culinary specialty, each region of the country developed its own recipe. While the main ingredients (flour, milk, sugar and eggs) remain the same from place to place, families maintain secret ingredients that pass from one generation to the next. Some waffles are served on a plate with fruit, but others are similar to American doughnuts and are a hand-held treat. Since part of Belgium speaks Flemish, the treat is called a “wafel,” but since the other part of Belgium speaks French, Belgian waffles sometimes go by the French name “gaufre.”

        Culture of Waffle
      Belgian Waffle Invention was made by Maurice Vermersch and his wife, a couple from Brussels, first added yeast to the recipe just before World War II. The couple cooked waffles in cast iron pans seasoned with lard. Their friends and family were so pleased with the result that the Vermersches decided to take them to the 1960 World’s Fair in Brussels, Belgium. In the wave of success that followed, the Vermersches opened several restaurants specializing in waffles and brought them back to the next World’s Fair in 1964, this time in Queens, New York. Soon after that , there become Brussels Waffle and The Liège Waffle which also popular in people's life. Thus, there are gradually formed the waffle culture in Belgium, anytime you can buy Belgian waffles from bakeries and street vendor’s stands as a “casual snack food.” Common toppings range from butter and powdered sugar to fresh fruit and whipped cream.   
       If you like Waffle, you can make it by yourself.   Fully-Automatic Wafer Production line is a need.GG Series Biscuit Production line is the primary choice for the production of kinds of hard and soft biscuit. The biscuit plant equipment can be combined and displayed according to customer’s local space or biscuit technical requirement.Adopting hearing-medium conduction technology with heating oil as medium,the plant is a new generation product developed exclusively in China based on the advanced structure of existing plants from domestic market and abroad.If offers an ideal solution for lower power consumption and overall production cost, and keeping the same surface color for all biscuits.

       This automatic  wafer biscuit making plant mainly consists of mixing system,automatic feeding system, tunnel-type oven, sheet feeding and cooling device,coating machine,cutter and organic heating medium boiler, etc. With compact structure and unique reliability, the plant is one of the most preferred equipment in foodstuff industry.The machine frame is made of steel with international standard and the cover adopts imported 304 stainless steel plate with1.2mm thickness. 

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