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Semi-Automatic Ice Cream Cone Making Machine Supplier

        Gelgoog Machinery company can offer semi-automatic ice cream cone making machine according customers' requirement. We are a professional machine manufacturer in China.  After five years of development, the company already has a large number of overseas customers. We company produces semi-automatic wafer cone machine's mold temperature are similar to ordinary models. After adjustment to the desired temperature, it can automatically maintain a constant temperature, and the keeping process of opening and closing are controlled by the electric. When the operation button complete, you can also choose continuous production of functional steps to achieve a semi-automatic control, thus greatly reducing the labor intensity and improve production efficiency.

        In most ice cream cone making machine factory, you can see the semi-automatic ice cream cone maker machine is divided into the upper die and lower die. 
When the ice cream cone making machine controlled by the temperature control knob, the temperature of the first fine, pulled up after the temperature of the mold, the lower mold together into the paste.

       When the ice cream cone maker used by the temperature control knob, firstly, the temperature should be fine, after the temperature rises, opening the mold, putting the paste into the mold. Then pulling down the mold so that the mold closing the lower mold, waiting one or two minutes because the  cone shape can more well, and then opening the mold. The final ice cream cone can be pick up by sliding the channel. This process is the the the most ice cream cone working principle.

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