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Making Pizza Cone with Machine

            As we all know that pizza is origins of Italy in Italy in the late 19th century because of the tale of the queen and the pizza. When we talking aout pizza, we may talk about some story about pizza. About One hundred fifty years ago, Italy was obviously a land of city states - Florentines did not eat what Romans ate and Venetians did not eat like the Sicilians. Pizza was strictly a food of Naples. But as World War One loomed, Italians from Naples emigrated for the U.S. In 1905, the first Italian pizzeria opened up in New York and the fad spread much faster in the states and the rest of the world personal computer did in Italy.
       Only with World War II did pizza turned into a dish made throughout Italy, this time sought by American soldiers because they made their way from Sicily as a result of Naples to Milan and Venice. The pizza craze seemed to be spread in Italy from the migration of southerners searching for jobs within the north following the war and it was made fashionable by the popular croonings of Italian-Americans Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

       After the pizza is spreading in the world, many different pizza come tinto people's life. There are so many pizza with different food materials, but the pizza cone as a new snack is very popular in the world. It has pizza's taste and the shape of ice cream cone. Two in one, that's really a amazing for us. So the pizza cone making store in all of the world with high speed. If you think make pizza cone at home can not meet your needs, you can consider to buy a pizza cone making machine, you can reduce many time and cost during producing pizza cone. This machine is very easy to opporate, so you don't worry about with no skills. According to different pizza recipe adjustment cylinder mold upper and lower mold temperature, full automatic operation and one time can produce four pizza cone. Wanna it, actiong now!
Making Pizza Cone with Machine


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