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The List of Equipment Needed in Making Wafer biscuit

       What parts equipment do we need in processing wafer biscuit ? Choose what kind of machine is directly related to your products' quality and produstivity. What kind of waffle machines can help you to solve this series of dilemma? Wafer production line machine can be able to do this. Automatic wafer production line is based on the actual situation of world's biscuit manufacturing, and absorbed many top technology of foreign designed and manufactured. This machine can bake the wafer uniform color about substrate surface, and spread cream evenly on finished saltine crackers, the machine running smoothly without abnormal noise. The production line has reliable performance, high produstivity, low energy consumption, easy maintenance and simple operation without pollution. The whole machine plant components are designed with international / domestic brands with long service life. Each part is made of 304 stainless steel and also with food grade PU belt.
Features and Functions
· According to the needs of customers to create a variety of wafer sizes, different shades pattern
· According to the needs of customers to create various shapes shaped waffles.
· Whole automated production processes can only need little operating management staff.

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