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Ice Cream Wafer Cone Machine from Gelgoog Machinery

Ice Cream Wafer Cone Machine from Gelgoog Machinery
The ice cream wafer cone machine is semi-antomatic control which can make different color and  shape cones though changing the moulds in the machine. Also the cones color can be optional according to your demand. The ice cream machine can make different flavor and different shape cones, it adopts advanced technology, high efficient compressor and world-class optimum performance. We can provide you some different colors and various models for you. It is the ideal machine for ice cream shops, market, shopping mall, school and store etc.
wafer ice cream cone
Ice Cream Wafer Cone Machine
1. Famous for its high efficiency, quality compressor, low temp and commercial use in ice cream cone machine.
2. This ice cream cone machine the same species of mold can be used interchangeably.
3. Semi-automatic controlled, low price. 
4. For different shapes cones, it can also according to the specifications of customer’s capacity design and color shape for its special design and manufacture. 

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