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Recipe Requirements For Ice Cream Cone

ice cream cone
Ice cream cones is produced by high quality Ice Cream Cone Maker Machine, it can take shape at a time. Today we main to talk about the cone recipe. The recipe of ice cream cones, i think people who do ice cream business know that, so do you know what we need to pay attention to in this recipe? Let's list them all.

Batter preparation : the cone is baked by the batter, which directly influences the quality, taste and yield of the finished product. The batter is made by mixing various ingredients with water.
Flour: it is the main component of the batter, its quality is directly related to the quality of the cone, and should be used as the high quality powder raw material.
Starch: used to improve the quality of the batter.
Baking powder: causes the flour to ferment, creating micropores, and crunchy and delicious when eaten.
In addition, according to the different local flavor, some condiments are added, such as sugar, milk, food coloring, etc. To increase the color of the product. Taste meets different consumption levels and different regional tastes.

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