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Best Ice Cream Cone Making Machine

           There are may many different ice cream cone making machine in the world, but not only every machine is suitable for your business. Why I say that? There are some reasons why you shouls make a carefully check when you buying this machine. Before purchasing ice cream cone maker machine, you should make a detailed understanding. Not every machine in the factory before saling are qualified, and some machines may due to the negligence of  staff appear some problems before the sale, if some manufacturers sales service is good, the problem can be solved quickly.  However, if the after-sale service is not good, you can not solve your problems as soon as possible. Over time, some buyers will cause panic, they will  slowly lose the trust of manufacturers slowly. Of course, a little high price of the machine will be more quality assurance, to buy things not because they are cheap. So how can you get better machines, and after-sales service will guarantee it.

         First, before you buy, be sure to personally check the machine to ensure correct. Anything that will have some flaws, so check the time must be careful. Even if you do not quite knwing this machine, but also want to find a better  machine, you can ask other people's help who are really professional. That can avoid unnecessary mistakes. Secondly, it must clearly indicate to contact factory about the after-sales service, and shelf life, to prepare for contingencies. It is best to sign a service agreement to avoid aftermarket manufacturers admit. Finally, determine to keep manufacturers of transport means and manner of packaging, transport and insurance. Some machines during transport are easily damaged, so you would better to keep in touch with the manufacturers in the transport process. During the warranty period to try to test the performance of the machine, once you find out any problems you can not solve, try to  contact the manufacturer for repair and maintenance.

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