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Machine for Customized Ice Cream Cone Making

 The ice cream cone can be customized according the different customers need. One machine can achieve the different size and different appearance cones. The ice cream cone can be customed according the customers requirement. The cones’ size can be changed from changing the cone making moulds. Even the the the appearance of ice cream cone can also be choosed. The 32 moulds is very common used in the many cone making shop.
1. The 32 mulds semi-automatic ice cream cone machine working principle:
1) The working principle of this machine is based on the flour materials and water, and mixing them. Nect to reconcile the batter into the cavity formed by the next mold. In this process, the machine willgeting the batter to evaporate moisture. The role of the formation of sherbet crunchy edible container, the upper and lower mold, but the usage of the electric heating tube inserted into the model body to ensure uniform distribution of heat and durable, and easy maintenance.
2) What is really amazing to people that this the upper and lower mold movements are automatic controlled by people, and people can ensure product quality and try to improve the making efficiency, but also greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, the drive control sub-relay logic circuit, so the reliability of the work has also been guaranteed.
2. The working sequence:
1) The initial state is the upper mold in the rack to rise above the lower mold in a separate state, the upper and lower mold temperature rose to the specified temperature, then you should press the mold start switch, the machine through the role of the next mold screw. And tight the moulds, at this time by the artificial feeding, the use of a feeder to fill, and then machine will press the upper mold start switch, the upper mold drive motor through the pulley to drive the big gear rotation, large gear and nut as a nut, nut rotating even on the mold screw down After the upper mold is pressed down, the upper mold is pressed into place, and the timer is started after the heating. The ice cream cones mold are automatically lifted after the specified time, and the lower mold is automatically separated. At this time, the cup has been formed.

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