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Which Mould is Suitable for a Small Shop about Ice Cream Baking Machine

       Many people are confused about which mould is suitable for them to open a small ice cream cone making business. They don't know how to choose them before buying this machine.  Opening a small store about producing ice cream for people is not easy, even some small store. You should consider many problems before opening it. So choosing a suitable ice cream baking machine is very important for the investor in begining. So which capacity and mould is more suitable for you to buy for ice cream cone baking machine. Because if you buy a small capcacity than your store actually needed, your invests  can not get more back in money. But if you choose a big capacity than your store can offer, the end result is that your ice cream cone can not be used out be exhausted. If your store is not big, you can choose 24moulds ice cream baking machine. This machine can produce the ice cream cone about 600 pieces per hour to 800 pieces per hour, this capacity is enough for your store. Why we call this machine is 24 moulds, because this machine has 24 moulds in it. The baking time wouldn't waste you much time, just one to two minutes is ok. And this machine is not so weight for you, it just is 350kg. Generally speaking, this machine is very suitable for you in your small store. So if you are still consider about  which moulds you can choose, please contact us, or leave your questions on the website.

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