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How do You Eat Your Ice Cream

    There are a few conversations recently appeared about how people to eat ice cream in their daily life.

         Many little girls likes to turn the spoon upside down in theri mouth in order to the ice cream lands right on their tongues, rather than put the cold spoon in the
freezes ice cream which may hide her tability to taste taste the ice cream.
         Some people likes to eat ice cream with plastic spoons, even prepare these spoons in their cupboard at home specifically for that purpose. But some people
steering spoon to eat ice cream, and pulling cold ice cream into mouth with upper lip. It looks a little funny, still they like to do it I guess. Because the ice cram is so
delicious that many people can not help to eating ice cream in differet season.     

      Generally, we prefer ice cream on a wafer cone when we get it at a market or store, so the spoons are not need. Some people think that when it's frozen hard
ice cream doesn't have as much flavor as when it's a little warmer. In public place, some people may scrape off the creamy part as common people do. At home, they
may pick up the ice-cream on a spoon and lick off the soft bits, very messy and probably horrible to see. Actually, we needn’t always wait ice cream becomes soften.
In commonly,  there are  30 sec zap in the microwave to eat one ice cream with a cup. 
       Do you have a more special way for eating ice cream?

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