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History about Wafer Cone

   There is much disputes about who invented the first ice cream cone. From experts research, they think that the first cones may not invented in the United States. And they think that both paper and metal cones were used in France, England, and Germany before the 1890. Many people travel to Düsseldorf, Germany published that eating ice cream without  cones in the late 19th century.

          Before the cone be invention, ice cream was not just produced with a small glass (a penny lick, penny cone, penny sucker, or licking glasses) or taken away wrapped in paper which was called a "hokey pokey." The customer would lick the ice cream off the dish and return the dish to the vender, who washed it and filled it for the next customer. As you can guess, sanitation was a problem. There is a big problem that that the ice cream businesssman can not wash the dishes very fast and  to keep up with demand on a such hot day.

          Many people may not know that ice cream in a cup be named for waht? Yes, it also named with  "toot," because it  derived from the Italian word "tutti" or "all," as customers were urged to "Eat it all." And then, they were also known as "wafers," "oublies," "plaisirs," "gaufres," "cialde," and so on. 
 With time goes by, nowadays, we can eat different wafer ice cream products with different cone shaps. It teste very delicious, so, that's also why it beloved by many people.

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