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Flaw Wafer Biscuit Making Machine

         What is the flat wafer biscuit making machine? What are the characteristics this machine has? This question may confused many people for a long time.  Next I will gice your some reatures about this machine. Firstly, flat wafer biscuit is very common in the market, I think every one may eat it  before, if you don't know about it, that's just because you don't know its name. 

        All flat biscuit  products are made by semi-automatic or fully automatic flat wafer biscuit making machine. This machine is similar to normal wafer biscuit making machine, After stirring, the slurry is poured into the baking pan for baking sheet into the wafer. Depending on the desired capacity, electric heating or gas heating oven can be equipped with different baking pan for customers. 
        The hot wafer biscuit will down to the room temperature after spreading cream delivered to the coater.  During the production of chocolate coating products, the wafer should need the "humidity" to increase the wafer biscuits' humidity, which can aviod the spli of chocolate coating.  It seemd very flat  from its' appearance, so people like to call them flat wafer biscuit. Of there are also some other wafer bsicuit in the world you may not called up its name,  next time i will show you about them. 
flaw wafer biscuit making making machine

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