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Explanation of Wafer Production Line

      The wafer plant business shows a particularly positive advancement also in early 20 century. This really is proven by providing a high-capacity production line to a all of world of customer, that is certainly one of our top successes in recent time.

       Our customer already includes a Haas high-capacity line on what premium products to the Turkish market are produced. Also along with his 2nd expense for enlarging production capacity he relies on the proven quality in our plants.

      The high-capacity oven, because the core machine of the flat wafer line, runs with a capacity of 60 wafer sheets for each minute. The special features of the line would be the innovative sheet take-off by vacuum cleaner, which enables clean product transfer at high speeds, and also the wafer book cooler, which is used as buffer storage in addition to its cooling function. Furthermore, the fishing line contains a spreading machine with 2 spreading heads.

      The line transfers these products automatically and smoothly to the downstream enrober or packaging machine, respectively.

      This new high-capacity line and also the one which has already been functioning will produce both enrobed and plain flat wafers in the future. The field about wafer biscuit will become more
prospous in te furture. 

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