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Automatic Egg Tart Making Machine Supplier

egg tart
With outer pastry shell and custard filling, egg tart is a simple and good appearance's baked food serve for your brunch, which is very popular with people. Now, egg tarts come in many various flavor and shapes.The following machine is the most ideal making egg tarts equipment.

Egg Tart Making Machine Introduction
The egg tart making machine is made of high quality stainless steel 304, used for making egg tart skin with large capacity, stable performance and easy to operate. By changing different molds, this machine can make various sizes and shapes egg tart skin. The finished product egg tarts have a nice texture, sweet smell and
delicious taste. Egg tarts are suitable for all ages young and old, everybody loves egg tarts. So, the egg tart machine enjoys great popularity both at home and in public places like fast restaurants, kindergartens, shopping malls, etc.

The egg tart forming machine has three output, 28pcs/min, 36pcs/min, 48pcs/min, it is widely used in domestic and commercial industries, especially, in bakery, schools, kindergartens, hotels,fast food shop, western food shop, tea restaurant and so on.

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