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Eating Wafer Snacking for health?

There does exist evidence that eating three meals and a few or three wafer snacks per day(nibbling) might be better to you than eating fewer wafer snacks, larger meals (gorging) so long as the whole caloric intake remains the same. When compared to the gorging eating pattern, the nibbling eating pattern:
Has been shown to delivers a lower volume of blood cholesterol Spreads the absorption of nutrients more evenly throughout the day Leads to a smoother insulin response which is necessary for blood sugar control. Does not lead to weight pick up if calorie intake remains stable. May help people control their calorie intake more effectively Helps active people and those rich in energy requirements meet their calorie needs Helps people with a small appetite meet their calorie needs. In many circumstances, having nearly 3 snacks each day and ingesting a variety of foods and drinks can get a positive, instead of a negative, impact on health. Snacking shouldn't be systematically discouraged, if the foods ingested as snacks create a healthy energy and nutrient intake.


Wafer Snacking, defined as eating episodes between meals, is a result of cultural, social, religious, practical, and individual influences. Contrary to common belief, snacking has not increased recently.
Eating between meals may help in meeting calorie and nutrient requirements, particularly for some groups of the people, such as children, the elderly, or people with a very active lifestyle.
Although wafer snacking has been considered to give rise to weight gain, this may only happen if someone regularly consumes more energy than one needs. Furthermore, as long as energy intake is maintained, snacking may even help some individuals improve their weight control because eating more frequently may promote satiety, favours eating earlier in the day, and may even increase carbohydrate intake while decreasing fat consumption.
In addition, wafer snacking seems to be associated with a lower risk of heart problems due to a lower level of both total and LDL cholesterol. It does not interfere with blood sugar level control in patients with diabetes. So far as dental health is involved, if teeth are cleaned regularly (at least two times per day with fluoride toothpaste), eating nearly 6 meals per day shouldn't lead to further problems. So thats also the reason why so many people like to eat wafer biscuit and ice cream cone. 

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