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Global Resourcing Festival--China Double 11

      Online shopping sales are expected to reach record levels, because Chinese people flock to "Singles' Day" discount activity.  Just like the name, Singles' Day began as a day for single people - apparently a chance to celebrate for the singletons, or "bare sticks", symbolised by the four number ones on the date of 11th November.  So every year, there are always different discounts in different business field. 
      In the past few years, the annual "double eleven" have formed a wave of universal shopping on different  platforms for catch more customers.  In the "double eleven" section before the arrival of publicity campaign, discount promotion, hope in this "shopping carnival" to become the biggest winner. In 2014, "Double Eleven", Alibaba's single-day sales reached 571.12 billion yuan (about 9.3 billion US dollars).  So this year, our company in order to feedback for our customers, there are also different discounts about our products.  The whole products will sale at low price. After that there are stiil have cash back discount.  So it is a big chance to buy these machines which before you want to buy but have no enough money, do it now! 

     Promotion Period: Nov.11, 2016 at 00:00:00 GMT ---Dec.28, 2016 at 24:00:00 GMT
     If customers place order during our promotion period and the amount of machines will meet the following amount, they will enjoy the Cash Back direcetly.   

       1. The machine amount of over 5,000 dollars, back to the cash of 150 dollars;
     2. the machine amount of over 10,000 dollars, back to 400 US dollars in cash;
     3. the amount of the machine over 20,000 US dollars, straight back to 1,000 US dollars in cash. 

    The discount time is limited, if you want to buy machine in low price, please contact us quickly. 

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