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Commercial Pizza Cone Making Machine

        Pizza cone and pizza cone making making machine is very popular in the world. Because many peopel like to eat pizza as their dinner. And some people like to eat ice cream cone as sancks. So someone invented a way of eating both of them. The pizza cone come into people's life. Of course the Commercial pizza cone making machine also become a hot machine for businessmen. This  commercial cone making machine shaped pizza maker,specially designed for making tailored grasping pizza. With full stainless steel housing combined with aluminum mold, simple and elegant appearance, with food grade pizza drum mold, the insulating material to prevent mold sticking cone. The most noteworthy is this machine can according to different pizza recipe adjustment cylinder mold upper and lower mold temperature, full automatic operation, one can produce four cone. And also it is widely applicable to restaurants, pizzeria cones, pizza buffet, pizza delivery, patisserie, amusement parks Takeout and other major food and beverage industry.

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