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CHINA-ASEAN Exposition--GELGOOG Machinery

China-Asean Expostion
CHINA - ASEAN Exposition, by the former Chinese premier wen jiabao of the state council initiative by China and 10 asean countries for trade and economic departments and the asean secretariat, the guangxi zhuang autonomous region people's government to undertake the national and international economic and trade exchange event, held in the capital of guangxi zhuang autonomous region, nanning every year.

The china-asean expo is the only exhibition held in China by a multinational government and held in one place for a long time. With the exhibition as the center, and multi-level exchanges and activities in various fields, we have established a platform for exchanges and cooperation between China and asean.

This year, our Gelgoog Machinery company participated in the CHINA-ASEAN Exposition, which lasted for four days (September 12-15). Our booth number is D07003, welcome everybody to visit.

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