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Which Machine is Suitable to Make Strawberry Wafer biscuit?

       Have you eat strawberry wafer sandwich before? Or have you ever made it by yourself? In fact, some people like to keept the sweets platters piled with little cream wafer sandwich cookies during the holidays, you don't worry about the ice cram will running out of sweet buttery deliciousness. It is safe.

       At Christmastime of western countries, the strawberry wafer biscuit are always in circular form, with a variety of colors. But with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you can try to make a shape with hearts. With pink icings. They taste so sweet!

       I’m ok with admitting that I ate a bit too much of this strawberry buttercream. Fresh and fluffy, still on the beater, its pretty pink strawberry looks and flavor proved absolutely irresistible. With cold glasses of milk, children are happily to eat a couple of these strawberry wafer biscuit, while  talking about their school life. The strawberry wafer biscuit is your best chioice to send your girl friend or boy friend in Valentine’s Day, this is a new trend in the western. Also the businessmen catch the chioce to develp their business in their factory. That's why the wafe biscuit machine production plant become so hot around February. In other word, 
The full automatic wafer biscuit machine is enough for you to make strawberry wafer biscuit. Every year in this time, there are about thousands of machines were shipped to western countries to meet the wafer biscuit needs. This machine has a lot of details of the design is reasonable, the wafer size can be adjusted according to customer requirements, the size of the oven can also be customized. So if you want to try it, just go!

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