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Automatic Wafer Biscuit Line 75 Moulds for Factory

Automatic Wafer Biscuit Machine  

Automatic Wafer Biscuit Line 75 Moulds for Factory


Automatic wafer biscuit line  for 75 moulds which is we company's traditional products with advantage technology used in product different kind of wafer biscuits, and it has very big capacity about 300 kg per hour.  And this plant is consistent of many different singles machines. The function of the baking oven is fully automatic from spreading batter on the plates through until baked wafer sheets come out of the oven, so the wafer sheet can be baked very well. 

Baking ways:  1. Gas
                       2. Electricity
Producing process:
 batter mixing----wafer sheet baking----cooling----spreading----cabinet cooling----biscuits cutting
Main equipments: 1.flour mixing machine 2.sheets baking machine 3.sheets receiver 4.cooling machine 5.sheet picking machine 6.cream spreading machine 7.cooling cabinet 8.laminating machine 9.biscuits cutting machine 9.separating machine



Technical advantage of wafer biscuit making machine:

1. In the wafer biscuit making machine field, we company have more than 5 years professional experiences.

2. According to the advance international technology design, the controlling and operating of the machine is very good and safely. 
3. Professional design team.
4. Professional design, material selection more scientifically, processing more accurately.
5. Comprehensive after-sales service



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